About Us

Strategy Worx is a business technology consultancy which assists our clients in the creation of the strategy they require to effectively operate in the online space. 

Strategy Worx began as World Wide Worx Strategy in 2005 as a joint venture with Arthur Goldstuck’s World Wide Worx. We were directly involved in World Wide Worx’s research including Internet Access, the SME Survey and Mobility Research and assisted with everything from questionnaire creation and analysis through to the presentation of the findings.

Our involvement in this research laid the platform to provide consulting services to both local corporates and multinationals.

We evolved into Strategy Worx Consulting in 2012, and expanded our research base to include and utilise both local and international research for our consulting service. Furthermore, Strategy Worx attends a number of key technology conferences each year, including Tech4Africa, Microsoft Tech Ed, CES Las Vegas and the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

As a consultancy focusing on business and technology, we assist clients  in the creation of strategies for our clients to operate effectively and profitably in the world of online, mobile and social based business.

A cornerstone of our strategic services is our unique methodologies, which offer deep analysis as well as benchmarking of companies’ online presence and activity by our analysts. The contextualising of this insight with current technology and related market trends allows our clients to be agile and competitive in the rapidly expanding online space.

We understand the ever-evolving technological environment and its fundamental impact on business, from core business functions and administration to HR, communications, marketing, and extending on to distribution channels and logistics.

Strategy Worx’s key differentiator is that we understand business process from an executive level right down to an operational level, in both large and small businesses. Our services provide practical, useful, and implementable solutions to challenges all businesses have with the rapidly evolving technological world we all operate in.

Strategy Worx acts as a catalyst, sparking and assisting change by giving a fresh look to how a business operates in the online sphere. By having an effective strategy in place, businesses are able to view all opportunities in the light of that strategy. This is important as technology is often alluring but not always necessary.

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