Online Synergy Audit Tool Walk-though








1) To register for the Strategy Worx Online Synery Audit tool, click here and click login in the middle of the page.




2) Click create account.


2a.Login with password


3) Enter your name,  email address and a password. Agree to terms of service and click register.

3.Register username and password


4)  You will get an activation email, but you are able to proceed to the audit without it. You will have to verify your account though. Your authentication email will look like the below image. Click the link in the email.

5.Authentication email


5) Once you’ve clicked the link and a page opens, login with your email and password.

2.Login with password


6) Request membership to the Online Synergy Audit tool by clicking  request membership in the middle of the page.

7.Request Membership


7) Click on Strategy Worx: Online Synergy Audit in the middle of the page.

8.Click Audit


8) Click on Use Now in the green box in the top right of the pop up.

9.Use now


9) Start the Online Synergy by following the step by step process by clicking read more.

10.Read more


10) To share my Online Synergy Audit tool survey, the person I wish to share it with must first be registered on the system. Once they are fully registered, click share at the end of the survey and type in the person’s name.


11) To return at a later date, bookmark this link and login. You can resume the audit from where you left off or start an audit on another organisation.