Online Synergy Audit



The Online Synergy Audit is a comprehensive 360 degree audit of a company’s online presence, which provides a strategic blueprint for companies to effectively position themselves and deliver their services online.

The process involves a comprehensive audit of the company’s existing online presence as well as defining the business drivers of the organisation and what the company wants to achieve in the online space. This could include its website(s), online retail functions, social media, forums, intranet, content portals, customer service portals, online recruiting and more.


The Online Synergy Audit benchmark’s the company’s online presence against international leading practice in their sector and lays out an online strategy for the company based on the organisation’s goals.

The audit will give clear strategic focus to companies, providing steps on how to structure its online presence and implement its strategy right down to design and content requirements on its various online properties.

If you would like to engage Strategy Worx over the Online Synergy Audit, contact us.

The Online Synergy Audit tool

Strategy Worx has taken part of the Online Synergy Audit and made it available online on Cognition’s innovative Cog platform. (The tool is in beta phase* whilst we refine and improve the experience.)

This unique tool takes users through a structured thinking process, led by Cognition’s system, in which they evaluate the effectiveness of an organisation’s online presence for themselves.

3d human with a red question markThe process can be performed on any organisation and is primarily meant as a self-learning tool to enhance an organisation’s online presence.

The tool gives an organisation a strategy and content performance score, a key usability score and an overall score as a percentage. This will give an organisation a sense of how effective their online presence is, as well as structured insight in order to effect positive change.

To register to use the tool, click here.

Organisations can further request** that Strategy Worx analysts give an independent expert view of an organisations online presence, which they can then compare with their own self-generated results from using the Online Synergy Audit tool.

Based on the results you can then engage Strategy Worx to assist you in the creation of an effective strategy that will lay the foundation for an effective online presence.

As an example of how the tool could be used, we analysed various South African political parties’ online presence ahead of the 2014 general elections. For more on that story, click here.

To request an audit, fill out the form here.

* The tool is free to use in beta phase but will be charged for once the beta phase completes.

**Please note whether Strategy Worx responds to a request for an audit will depend on available resources and potentially the level of detail provided on the form.