Online Synergy FAQ



Why do I need an Online Synergy Audit?

An audit is an independent expert view of your online presence, from the user’s perspective. As specialists in online strategy, we give professional unbiased strategic analysis based on the sector the company is in and leading practice, which you can use to give informed instruction and direction to your designers or agency.

How big a company do I have to be to do an Online Synergy Audit?

Any organisation would benefit from completing the online Synergy Audit, from one man informal business to the largest of corporates. The thorough process involved and the results will give invaluable insight into an organisation’s current online effectiveness and what it needs to do to improve.

But we’re specialists in our field, why do we need an Online Synergy Audit?

As with a financial audit, independent professionals are best placed to offer unbiased advice and direction to any business. The same is true for online presence. Strategy Worx and the Online Synergy Audit offers expert advice created and managed by trained professionals in online effectiveness.

If my advertising or web development agency has a strategy division, do I need an Online Synergy Audit?

Online synergy is a combination of analysis of what you have done online, or wish to do, benchmarked against leading practice. Strategy Worx analysts have been doing these audits for a cumulative 30+ years. While agencies will invariably offer strategy around what an organisation should do online, Strategy Worx offers insight and guidance around how effective what you’re doing online is. We work with numerous leading agencies in this regard and offer assistance and independent verification and validation of their implementation strategies.

Why can’t I just use a designer and SEO specialist?

Designers and SEO experts are often exceptional at what they do, design or SEO. We take a look at your online presence from a holistic, external, user centric point of view, and make high level, actionable and structured observations that can inform and direct your other specialists.

How much of an Online Synergy Audit is covered by the Online Synergy tool?

The unique Online Synergy tool built on Cognition’s platform gives approximately 10 percent of the true insight possible from a complete and customised Online Synergy audit. The self-assessment tool gives key insight into only a few areas, and does not take your particular industry into account. The advice, whist very useful, is somewhat generic.

I am having trouble logging on to the Online Synergy Audit tool.

Follow our walk-through here.

Can I share my Online Synergy Audit tool results with other people?

Yes but they must be registered on the system. Once they are fully registered, click share at the end of the survey and type in the person’s name.

The tool is still in Beta phase:

Please note the tool is still in beta testing phase. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.

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