Online Testing Tool

Online Testing Tool

Ever had the feeling that your business’ online presence just isn’t the way you want it to be?

At the back of your mind you know there are things wrong with the website and maybe your social media presence too, but you just don’t know how to fix it?

It’s a difficult place to be in with your designers or your external agency because you can’t provide answers to what is wrong, but you know that something is.

So often, the true intent of a company’s desire to communicate online gets lost in cyberspace translation.

Strategic intent

The discord felt about the online face of a company often comes down to a lack of strategic thinking about the business’ purpose online or the differences between the online presence of a company and its physical offering to its customers.

Strategy Worx has developed a unique tool to enable you to evaluate what your online presence looks like. The tool will take you through a structured thinking process to evaluate the effectiveness of your online presence.

OSA tool

Anyone can use the tool on any website. The tool gives you a strategy and content performance score, a key usability score and an overall score as a percentage.

This will give you a sense of how effective your online presence is. From there you can either ask Strategy Worx to use the tool on your online presence to give you an independent view to compare with your own or you can chat to us about our more comprehensive Online Synergy Audit which gives companies a 360 audit of a company’s online presence, providing a strategic blueprint for companies to effectively position themselves to deliver their services online.