Steve Whitford


Steve Whitford is a strategic communications specialist who has over ten years’ experience assisting companies in the development and implementation of their communications strategy.

After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in English, Steve began his career as a journalist where he worked for several years across main stream and IT media.

Having garnered a comprehensive understanding of the technology landscape, Steve began freelancing as a journalist and then launched Intrinsic Media, offering public relations and a content generation services to companies, generating whatever content the companies required.

Intrinsic Media grew and employed several more people, expanding into into website strategy and development, along with social media strategy and implementation. Intrinsic Media remains the first of Steve’s focuses.

Secondly, Steve plays a general manager role for Telkom Do Gaming. In 2008, Intrinsic Media was contracted to Inside Half Productions to supply content to Telkom Do Gaming and Steve took a strategic role in assisting Telkom in growing their presence within the online gaming market.

Telkom Do Gaming has since grown into the dominant player in the online gaming market with the largest online gaming league in South Africa spanning across PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

In 2013, Steve took on a third role and began working with Steven Ambrose from Strategy Worx as a senior analyst. Strategy Worx had been an Intrinsic Media client for several years and the synergies between the two companies led to a partnership between Steve and Steven Ambrose.

Steve assisted with the development of Strategy Worx’s Online Synergy Audit tool, which gives companies an audited view of their online presence. As partner company to Strategy Worx, Intrinsic Media offers assistance to companies who require an implementation partner for developing their online presence further off the back of the analysis of their online presence.

Steve’s key strength lies in his ability to understand the value offering of an organisation and be able to architect the strategy needed to take that value offering to market through multiple channels.