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Strategy Worx’s CEO, Steven Ambrose is a qualified Chartered Accountant, CA (SA), with 30 years of extensive experience in business and marketing. His experience ranges from owning, operating, and auditing small businesses, all the way to auditing and advising global multinational organisations. Steven has also held key executive management roles in a number of these global organisations.

Steven partnered with Arthur Goldstuck of World Wide Worx (Pty) Ltd from 2005 to 2008 with World Wide Worx Strategy (Pty) Ltd. World Wide Worx Strategy (Pty) Ltd established the consulting and strategy arm of World Wide Worx (Pty) Ltd. For operational reasons, in late 2008, Steven took control of World Wide Worx Strategy (Pty) Ltd, re-branded the company as WWW Strategy (Pty) Ltd and continued to work as a strategic partner of  World Wide Worx (Pty) Ltd, providing exclusive licensed consulting and Webagility services. In early 2012 Steven Ambrose and Arthur Goldstuck decided to part ways, and forge their own paths in the diverse technology field.

This varied experience has given Steven insight into the operational and strategic needs of large and small business enabling him to bring fresh and insightful perspective to any business operating in our technological landscape.

Steven’s appearances as an analyst:

Steven is a regular conference and keynote speaker at many technology conferences, where he shares his insights and learnings on technology and trends. He appears on eTV, SABC, CNBC Africa, Summit TV as an industry analyst, and has been on radio with 702, SAFM, and Chai FM, talking gadgets technology and trends.

Steven’s writing as an analyst:

Steven also writes as an analyst. His comment will go out to the media as press statements on key developments in the technology sector and he has a regular content on Memeburn. Here’s an example of his Memeburn column: Is it Over for Apple?

Steven the journalist:

Steven wears several journalists hats as well. Firstly, he’s  the executive editor on Tech Human and his articles can be found here.

He is also the Technology editor for Business Brief.

Lastly he runs a Tech Talk, a technology talk show callon ChaiFM every Thursday from 11am to 12pm.

Follow the buzz:

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