Strategy Worx at CES

Strategy Worx at CES

Steven Ambrose, Strategy Worx CEO, will be in Las Vegas at CES from 5 to 9 January where he will be attending various press conferences from major technology players as well as checking out all the latest gadgets being released in the show.

You can follow Steven on Twitter where he will be tweeting out live from the event.

After the 2014 CES, Steven did a very successful presentation entitled Rise of the Machines. He was then available to be booked as a speaker to unpack the technological trends observed at CES 2014 and also answered questions on where Strategy Worx felt the market would move to on key issues like the Connected Home, the Internet of Things, wearable tech and so on.

Strategy Worx will again be putting together a presentation after the CES conference and companies will be able to book Steven to unpack the top trends and some of the developments of 2015 in the tech space.

Please keep watching the website for details.