What We Do

Strategy Worx is a business technology consultancy which assists clients in the creation of strategies to operate effectively and profitable businesses in the new online connected world.

We understand that business has fundamentally changed with communication via the internet becoming central to all business process. Technology has rewritten all the rule books from internal processes and communication to external communications and marketing. 

Many companies lack the resources, insight and common purpose when it comes to their online presence. This creates the potential for massive reputational risk along with legal and communication challenges.

You should ask whether your company has transformed in the light of technology’s impact on the way business is conducted.

Strategy Worx helps our clients to understand the technology landscape and forecasts in which direction the market is moving. We then assist our clients with the creation of the strategy required to respond to the changing technology landscape.

Just as architects provide the plans and blueprints for a building, so we assist with the creation of the strategy, policies and procedures needed to direct companies’ activity in the online space.

A cornerstone of our strategic services are our unique methodologies, which offers deep analysis, proprietary research and benchmarking of companies’ online presence. Our analysts then contextualise these insights for your business with current technology and related market trends.

Strategy Worx’s key differentiator is that we understand business process from an executive level right down to an operational level, in both large and small businesses. Our services provide practical, useful, and implementable, solutions to the challenges all businesses have with the rapidly evolving technological world we operate in.

We can either develop the strategy entirely using comprehensive research, which can be acquired from leading vendors or can be conducted by ourselves, or we can provide the research, insight and industry intelligence directly to your team, enabling you to formulate your own strategies for your online presence.

We offer:

  • Presentations highlighting the current and projected online media landscape with regard to Social Media, Web, Mobile and technology trends.
  • Investigative white papers and reports on tech broadly as well as industry specific —  link — to assist with business plans, strategy creation, product development, process re-engineering.
  • Comprehensive or targeted benchmarking of online presence, web mobile, apps, Social Media effectiveness utilising our cutting edge investigative and auditing tool called Online Synergy.

If you would like to discuss your online strategy or need assistance with the creation of an online strategy for your business then contact us.